Creation is Sjoukje’s nature: she creates images and designs. The ideas just keep on coming – there are always plans in the pipeline, and nothing gives more satisfaction than creating the perfect picture, the most beautiful book – or even better, a combination of the two.

Sjoukje has a refined sense of aesthetics, extensive knowledge of both print media and photography and a passion for exceptional images and books. Working with Sjoukje means working with someone who understands quickly and intuitively, contributes ideas, is creative and comes up with solutions she is then able to realise in practice.

As a photographer, her style is artistic, atmospheric, romantic and poetic. She captures reality as she sees and experiences it: a dreamt world that can be anywhere, any time. This makes her work extremely suitable for illustrative purposes, as well as superb for portraits and fine art. In addition, Sjoukje is completely at home with underwater photography and has her own underwater studio.

As a designer, Sjoukje specialises in print media. Books, magazines, flyers, posters – she is able to create all of these with great attention to detail. She can provide advice, creation, implementation and support right up to the printing process.

Like to know more? Sjoukje will be happy to provide further details!